Packing for a baby trip

I always need to be prepared- for everything. We started traveling when Mambo was just over a month old, and I would like it to be this way for a very long time.

Mommy, I am because you are

It takes a real woman to raise a real woman.

18 Months! One and a half years old!

Mambo is 18 months old!!

Muvaki is here: Part 3- Letter to my Beloved Nephew

I welcomed my nephew into the world a month ago- I will never get enough of him!

Speak intentionally

Speak up, often.

Being a woman in 2018

Woman's Month kicks off on a somber note for me.

14 months

How far has Mambo D come in her 14 months with us?

13 Months!

What is a little girl up to at 13 months?


We appreciate everything that you are, dad.