new baby

Sushi and Seals at Vista Marina Restaurant

Vista Marina was a great place for us to relax while we took a break from the Two Oceans Aquarium. It was love at first sight!

June came and went

It’s time... Mambo is changing, and so are our adventures.

Muvaki is here: Part 3- Letter to my Beloved Nephew

I welcomed my nephew into the world a month ago- I will never get enough of him!

Muvaki is here: Part 2- Letter to my Only Sibling

A thank you note to my brother, for making me an aunt. I love you.
Muvaki is here: Part 1- Amari, you are a big cousin now.
Amari is a big cousin now!

7 Months!

What is Mambo up to at 7 months?

8 Months!

What is Mambo up to at 8 months?

Smile for a while

Everything is better when you smile.