baby progress

June came and went

It’s time... Mambo is changing, and so are our adventures.

A two year old.

A letter to my two year old.

Farm girl

A place of growth and restoration, a very important part of my childhood and upbringing.

18 Months! One and a half years old!

Mambo is 18 months old!!

17 Months!

Amari is 17 months today! So much has happened!

I breastfeed because I can

We have gone strong for 14 months and we still count. Breast is best!

14 months

How far has Mambo D come in her 14 months with us?

The first time you stood, properly.

One of many proud moments. Mambo is standing!

Outgrowing the bathtub

They grow so quick! Mambo is a big girl now, and big girls bath in big bath tubs.