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So. I need to start this story from the beginning. I never wanted to buy my daughter a doll. I never thought that as a little girl, she should have a doll and fit into a stereotype. I started to change my mind a few weeks ago. Heres why:

Dear Mambo, three weeks ago you got your very own Baby Born doll. To be honest it was a no brainer when I was messaged and asked if I wanted to review this doll. I really did. I wanted to know if it was time for you to finally have a doll. I have always wanted to be led by what you believe in. For context, 2 months ago while we were out shopping with your grandmother, you asked for (pretty much took and refused to let go of) a mermaid doll we saw in the isle on our way out. Of course your granny got it, and I was stuck with some really difficult questions for myself as your mom. I never wanted you to be a stereotype. I never wanted you to only play with dolls. And here you were changing my plan, on your own, and I had to work through it.

So I got the package for you and could not wait to see your reaction. You reacted with a huge ‘Wow!’ when I told you the big box is for you, but once you opened up the big box and took the little boxes out, your eyes were massive with excitement. We unpacked Baby Born and her Sleepover Time range from their boxes and within seconds you had already decided she would need a bath because little girls need to sleep. You changed her diaper and sand to her and rocked her for 5 minutes before you put her down with her very own teddy (hers is a bunny though) because she was sleeping. I am amazed at how observant you are everyday.

What I find most amazing about having this doll that blinks like you, wee’s like you and cries like you is that you have found a companion. You have seen how you have been treated and you are doing the same with your baby/ companion. Baby Born is being taught how to walk and to talk and you are so protective over her. In your own words, ‘She is not my doll mommy, she is my baby, she is Baby Born’. I stand corrected by you. She is more than just a doll, she is your baby sometimes, and your friend sometimes. It is a weird balance that you have found for yourself with Baby Born. She is being taught how to use the potty so she can be a big girl like you and we brush teeth together because she needs to have healthy teeth like you. I am certainly enjoying watching you treat your Baby Doll with kindness and making sure she has changed and is clean- like you. I have also experienced quite a reflection on myself, and I am so grateful. I thank you. You insist that Baby Born comes everywhere with us and enjoys what you enjoy. I will step in here and let you know that for fear of losing our beloved Baby Born, we have only taken her when we are absolutely sure she will be happy and safe.

Love always,

Mom (and Prima Toys)

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Prima Toys and Captive Conversations for entrusting us with the review of Baby Born So Soft Touch with the Baby Born Bath Sleepover Set. Baby Born has really become a part of our family and routine. It’s a huge thumbs up from our family.

For any parents interested in buying our particular Baby Born and accessories, they are all available at Takealot, Hamleys, Toyzone and Toykingdom. Merry Christmas to you all!

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