Time Apart Diary Day 5: Jesus. Finally!

I woke up quite refreshed and excited today. Obviously. I took my time getting ready. I made sure all my clothes were laid out properly and I re-packed my bags. Gogo gave me a suitcase for the trip- because I now have too much to carry. You should know that this is not by any fault of my own, obviously. Gogo came back from Thailand a few weeks ago and has the cutest goodies for us all! So, I needed to carry it all. 🙂

Anyway. I had some tea and chatted to Gogo for a little, and then we got everything out of the house and were out of there at 11 to get to the airport! I am was so excited. I was in touch with Nanny and your dad to make sure they were on their way to come and get me and they were very ready. You slept well last night, so I guess we are well on our way to getting you to sleep properly now. I am so grateful.

Gogo dropped me off at the airport and I went to check in. I got all that admin out of the way, checked everything in and made my way to the boarding gate, just in time to board. There was a mom in the queue with a little baby girl, probably 2 or 3 months old. I couldn’t help but muse over these rookie mom traveling mistakes- I really need to write more. She had way too much to carry and I chuckled to myself about how I perfected the art of one backpack and one baby carrier, so that I am not stressed when we travel. In the meantime, here I was, a whole mother of a toddler. Travelling for the first time without her toddler.

I am settled on the plane now. Ready for the two hour flight back to you. I am so overly excited, I cannot actually contain my tears. I am crying because we did it, I am crying because I miss you but I am crying mostly because I cannot wait to see you when I get back. It has been 4 and a half days away from you, and honestly, that is enough. We do not need to do this again, I know we will, but we do not need to.

I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you.

I love you madly,


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