Time Apart Diary Day 3: I Am Completely Over This

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I am enjoying my stay in Cape Town. Definitely. But I am quite over this. Day two of the expo is all I really had to look forward to today and a speaking engagement my boss had which I was really looking forward to (that didn’t happen).


Thursday, September 5, 2019

I dragged myself out of bed this morning. Again missing the sunrise because I overslept. That’s right. I overslept. Imagine that. I woke up once, not to look for you this time, I think I know you are not here. I think my body is just waking up now. I wonder how long this will last?

I woke up 15 minutes before we had to leave today. What a wow. Totally out of character, but we made it to the conference. It was the last day today and I made sure I did what I do best. Go to every single stall and figure out what they do, have conversations and get to know people. Grow my network, except this time it is not for me- either way, I quite love it. There were some really cool people at this conference- the A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Expo, 2019. Don’t ask me what I am doing here, I am the most technologically disadvantaged person I know. Except for Uncle Kudzi. as you will know by now, I am sure. Either way. Our day ended early and we had to set everything down, rush to the apartment to drop things off and get to the engagement that never happened.

After we realised the engagement was not happening, we went our for a quick drink and a catch up with the boss. That was fun. It ended very quickly because we were all tired and we had an interview to get to- which also never happened for Bron and I.

Another bottle of wine in our apartment. A great evening with snacks. We didn’t finish this bottle of wine and I was exhausted. So it is 9pm, I have showered and I am in bed. We have just spoken, it was a very short conversation. You kept asking if I was still on the aeroplane, and I had to keep explaining that I am at work. You then kept asking when I am coming from work. I guess because usually I come back everyday. I am so sad I have not come back yet. It is working on me and I am wondering if I should change my flight, but I am also stuck in needing to breathe. Can I breathe? I still haven’t actually just taken a time out- except for the mornings… I am with you everyday in spirit though. I am watching and your dad sends picture updates everyday which really help. I expressed a little more milk in the shower today, just to be sure that I can sleep. I really am tired. I am realising I am tired from a lot of things and may be on the verge of some kind of depression. But I will monitor myself and see.

I love you Mambo D. Two more sleeps. Just two more sleeps. God keep you.

You are my light.


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