Sushi and Seals at Vista Marina Restaurant

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Have you ever been to Cape Town? No? You should probably book a ticket the minute you can. And if you live there, then lucky you!

So, I wrote about our trip to the aquarium, and had such an amazing family excursion. Here is a quick sequence of events. We spent so much time in the queue, Mambo fell asleep. We did a quick run of the aquarium (as quick as it can be, I love aquariums, soooo….). We had been carrying Mambo the whole time. We decided to take a break and wait for her to wake up and had decided to explore where we could eat…

We were tired and so it was no surprise when we took an immediate right turn into the CONVENIENTLY placed Vista Marina restaurant. I chuckled at the irony of half price sushi, right outside the aquarium. However, we are in Cape Town, and sea food is all I care for when I am that close to the sea! Also. No regrets, what so ever.

On this particular trip there were four adults and a toddler, so sushi and white wine sounded like a dream. The restaurant itself is beautiful with white furniture and wooden floors, so not really the kind of place you would normally take a toddler. Their velvet chairs and glass fittings are very much sea side chiq and very grown up, but who doesn’t like nice things? The staff were wonderful though and because we sat outside, Mambo and I could roam without bothering anyone. You know there is always that patron who hates the sound of laughing toddlers (read: the sound of real love).

Right outside the restaurant, you can see the seals sunbathing. Mambo and I stumbled onto this sight as we waited for orders, which meant… We can see more sea dwellers! Mambo, you were so fascinated by these lovely creatures we had to sit at that window for about 8 minutes. Every time they moved you declared ‘Wooooow!’ Our drinks were brought to us so that we didn’t have to rush your experience. Did I mention excellent service?

What’s fascinating about these seals is they don’t seem to mind being so close to humans. I guess they figure if they are not bothered, they are safe. It’s not everyday you get to dine in the company (albeit separated) of seals.

Everyone had sushi! Mambo D included. We had ordered chicken strips and fries, but she was not having that. I do not give her the raw fish as yet, but veg sushi has two of her favorite things in it- avo and cucumber. In fact, make that 3. This kid is a sucker for rice. So, winning!

Would I recommend the restaurant to anyone? Hell yeah! We had the best time ever. The sushi was fresh, the service was amazing, the atmosphere was quiet and very relaxed- just what you seek in Cape Town. It was not the hustle and bustle of the other side of the dock, nor of the aquarium. It was like the center of the tornado, which gave us a well needed break before we continued our exploration! We thought we would be there for an hour, we ended up being there for 2. I already feel as though that will be our stopover spot every time we go to the aquarium. Yes. I plan to go many more times, you read right.

Thank you Vista! We will be seeing you soon!

Mambo, you are turning out to be quite the traveler and explorer. Dad and I want to show you the world, and though you always remind us when it is home time, you always have enough room for adventure. I love it!




  1. Sushi and white wine does sound like a dream! I love any waterfront restaurant. It’s the most beautiful atmosphere.

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