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No, this is not a profound title. It is literally the story of taking Mambo to watch The Mousetrap.

My heritage is very mixed. I come from African and European lines that have now merged into something absolutely spectacular. No, not me. My baby. Of course.

The Mousetrap came to a theatre near us and my aunt had the greatest idea, to book tickets while Aunty Ann was here. Aunty Ann is my mothers aunt, my grandfathers cousin and she is fit as a fiddle and also in her 80’s, and also very English. I sat with her to do our family tree once and though she keeps insisting we call her Ann and that she is our parent’s cousin, the African in me will not allow that. So it is aunty Ann. I love my family, my whole family as is, because it is such a great reminder that I am the sum a bunch of wholes and my story is unique and my story is mine- in as much as it is a part of Mambo’s. Anyway- here’s the story.

Dear Mambo,

You were 1 and a half when we took you to watch The Mousetrap, a no doubt, absolutely amazing show performed by some amazing actors- I will not get into the actors, because that is not my focus. I am just so happy that you were completely engaged in the play. I know I say this a lot but you are definitely the theatre going type girl.

You watched the entire first act in complete silence as if you were following the story- you probably were. I am impressed because The Mousetrap is one of the longest running plays from Londons Westend Theatre. Agatha herself is one of the most read writers in the world- possibly the most widely read female novelist. Her life is quite an interesting read, as are her books-she apparently had a thing for Arsenic, that I hope you never develop. So, like I said, this play is quite popular and watching it in a small theatre was really quite something, you get to concentrate properly.

The performances were truly amazing, the whole audience was guessing who committed the murders- why, and how everyone in the hotel was involved. In true Agatha Christie style, the reveal tied all the dots together in such a way that though we should have seen it, we didn’t, and couldn’t. The thing about Mystery Mambo, is that you need to concentrate, and the fun is in trying to put all the facts together. I am never too lazy for a good mystery. I would like for you to watch the Mousetrap once or twice in your life when you are older.

This was the first time we watched a show at the Pieter Toerien Theatre, what a treat! The theatre is small, and intimate which made the experience very different from the bigger theatres. The fact that we sat in the third row probably also made it so worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the big theatres, but the experiences are just Very different. I would do it again- over and over. This was the first time any of the Lowe women had watched the Mousetrap, so of course, we all had a lot to say about it. your poor dad was surrounded by a very chatty bunch- but he did well!

So many people came up to us during recess to tell us how well behaved you are and how you are the perfect theatre companion- I agree. I look forward to taking you to more theatre shows- perhaps something more age appropriate, but I definitely do not regret bringing you here, at all. I really hope to foster some kind of appreciation for the theatre in you, and your life Mambo. It is very different from going to the movies, it is a very different art. There are no double takes in theatre, and it is definitely much more human and a different type of engagement. They will tease you and tell you it’s your white side, and that doesn’t matter, you can totally own what little white blood there is in you and still watch some good theatre productions.

Here is to more amazing plays together!



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