The Basics of Planning a Kids Party

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So, I have always believed in big parties for kids. It’s one day, they get to play all day, with a whole bunch of kids they do not usually see, and let’s face it- the joy is priceless!

Well, in my opinion anyway.

So we had a party for Mambo at home this year, after last years party was tragically preceded by my fathers’ death.

I want to take any non- believer parent through the basics of planning a party, because really, it is simpler than you think! If you are like me, you will want to make sure everything is hand picked by you. I do not like pre- packaged party packs, and decorations, because I like to quality check EVERYTHING!

So without wasting any time, let me get into it for you:

Step 1: Arrive at a date and pick a time when you know your child will be at their best- before or after nap time, if they still nap.

Step 2: Decide on a theme, if you are doing one. And when you do, find the biggest party supply shops in your city. We are in Gauteng, South Africa, and I love the Crazy Store and Party Store- also, there are a tonne of China Malls everywhere, which do some great party supplies!

Step 3: Write down a list of all the things you will need, it will likely be similar to these basic headings-

  1. Cake (VVIP)
  3. Snacks
  4. Party packs
  5. Decorations (which you can find curated in the party stores)
  6. Food for the kiddies and their parents
  7. Music (optional)
  8. Some form of entertainment- a trampoline, a jumping castle, crayons and coloring books- whatever your kid loves to do.

When it comes to food, keep it simple, don’t overdo it, unless you are getting the food made by a caterer, then do whatever. We went with hotdogs this year, because Mambo loves hotdogs, and hotdogs are incredibly easy to make! You will have food for the adults, as well as food for the kids. If you do not have a separate menu for the adults, don’t worry. They will definitely eat the hotdogs! My friend and fellow blogger Raising Mushana did sausage rolls for all of us and that was fantastic! So- no stress.

Step 4: Decide how many guests you will have over, and plan for both parents coming through- just in case.

Step 5: Two weeks before the day, order the cake- unless you are baking. If you are baking, then bake the day before if you can. Make sure that cake is as fresh as possible, so there are no tummy aches from weird food.

Step 6: Start buying things as soon as you can. That day creeps up on you as if you didn’t plan it I tell you!

Step 7: Get the close family And friends together the night before and early on the morning of the party to help set up. There is nothing like a great party set-up done with some good company. It turns an otherwise boring chore, into something of a pre- party.

Step 8: Get ready! Also, when you are ready, don’t forget to hype the little one up about their birthday party! Maybe the guests start arriving before you are ready, don’t sweat it, they don’t really care, they just want to let their kids tire out so the whole house can have a good nights sleep anyway!

Mambo D, I hope you know, I always have a blast doing this, and will likely do all your parties until you are 30!



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