Growth is- brushing our teeth

Growth is- Crossing legs
The truth is, I am not ok

This post was meant for January 22, 2019. It didn’t make it out, but it is now! So read it like you are reading it on January 22. Thanks.

Yes you read right. So for months I have been struggling with brushing Mambo’s teeth. It is never a pretty sight. Mom’s and dad’s, you know the struggle, I am sure. Maybe more the moms than the dad’s? Am I making assumptions? I digress. I think we may have found the secret- you have to do it as a family! Either that, or just let dad do it. Honestly, this stuff is tiring.

Dear Mambo,

Last week Monday night, I was just so exhausted, I needed a break so I asked your dad to take on the brushing of teeth duty. As you will know by now, I give out quite impressive lists of instructions in a relaxed manner. Apparently I am passive aggressive. Your dad never listens and does his own thing, after all he says, you are his baby too. Yeah, yeah… Bah. As I hope you have realized by now, my way is always the best way- right? Anyway! But before I get to this. Let me give you some context


Brushing teeth is a battle! About 2 months ago, I decided to start brushing my teeth when you do, so that you could see that it doesn’t have to be a battle. It took you a day or two before you started mimicking my actions and trying. Your version looked as follows: Upper body swinging around with your toothbrush and somewhere in the mix, you may touch a lot tooth or two- I counted this a major success! So I did not give up.

What has happened over the last few weeks is that you have actually settled your arms, and are able to look like you are brushing your teeth. Opening your mouth wide (I may have been a bit animated in showing you how we brush teeth), and attempting to ACTUALLY brush your teeth. I usually follow this up by trying to get to your back teeth or behind your front teeth and am met with about a thousand tonnes of resistance.

Our usual routine now that you are 18 months, is that I have to do a song and dance (literally), you usually lick all the toothpaste off your toothbrush and then we have to do a song and dance again while I put more toothpaste on your toothbrush, then you eat it. This goes on about two or three times, before we fight and somehow I get two or three brushes in somewhere through tears and tantrums.

I then wipe sweat off my brow and thank God for the memories, and literally, just go to bed. I am tired.

Honestly. 1- year- old’s can move their heads from side to side so fast, and once their mouths are shut, they are shut! And. Not to mention, the super fast reflexes when it comes to what they do not want to do, all of a sudden they seem to have about 20 arms and they all push your hand away every single second!

I did say that I get tired.

Back to the present

On Monday this week, yes, a lot of things happened this week, I came in to brush my teeth while you and daddy brushed yours. Daddy has been doing this for one week now- just by the way. I found you singing happily along with daddy. Ok, it looked like it was going well, I was waiting for the craziness where we take the brush from you to finish off what you have started. By now, you are brushing with a little more flair, your whole body is no longer brushing your teeth, you have learnt that it is your arms that do the work of brushing and you are really trying hard. Of course, just because you are trying, it does not mean your teeth are clean. So I waited for the two of you to finish your song and I took the toothbrush from you to help you brush your teeth. I expected tears and screaming, as usual.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in our history as a tag team, you did not fight me once! Shock. You opened wide, I got those back teeth smothered in motherly love and affection and care and attention (I am a great mom, after all).

We cleaned your teeth. You swallowed everything that was in your mouth, because I am literally taking this one step at a time, and we went to bed. Just. Like. That.

I am still in disbelief however, because today, one week after daddy took over brush time, and one night after you let me brush your teeth, we are back to square one, because daddy is not part of it. Lord, I am so confused!

What is the lesson here kids? Things that are done as a family are way more fun and interactive for everyone. So Mambo, let’s see how often all of us can brush our teeth at the same time shall we?



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