June came and went

A two year old.
Growth is- Crossing legs

I know, it sounds dramatic right? This is me musing in how I thought I would write more, and then didn’t. I want to say I have been fully immersed in my baby’s growth, but that’s not it. That I made something new. Nope. Saw something through to completion? Uh uh. I literally have just been catching up… with myself.

This is not about me though. This whole blog is about our mom and daughter adventures- so let me get to that.

Amari Mambo turned 2 in May. What a huge deal for me. May has become that roller coaster emotional month for me, but somehow I made it through. Come June, I made the conscious decision to stay home more so I could be more in touch with myself and spend some quality time with the people I love. I really want to make sure my bond with my daughter is rock solid. I also want to make sure that I begin all the adventures for myself, that will enrich my daughters life.

Mambo, I am not sure how I will write about all your growth, but in this series over the next few days, I intend to try. It has been a lot, and I am making the time… stay tuned.

Love and adventure,


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