Growth is- Crossing legs

June came and went
Growth is- brushing our teeth

I know. Why right? Because! Children have this incredible ability to sit on their haunches for years, and as adults, we tend to wonder how they do it? Well, at least I do, and so does Aunty Janine. And my mom remembers that I still sat on my hauches when she was pregnant with my brother- so I therefore declare it a thing!

How many of you remember when your child stopped sitting on their haunches and started crossing their legs? I dare you to try, I would have missed this step completely had I not taken pictures.

Wednesday the 16th of January I noticed that Mambo sits with her legs crossed more now. I first noticed it on the Monday. I went to my WhatsApp group of first time mom’s and asked if this was a thing. I learnt that one or two kids are sitting with their legs crossed now, which is fine except for me, the overly engaged one on the group. This is another thing I have not taught my daughter and therefore, I am sad. Of course. I tried to join you in this manner of sitting and often, within two or three minutes, I would have crossed my legs. It was too much for my old legs and I decided it was definitely a little baby thing.

I held back tears the more I thought about it, as I realized that these are the VISIBLE signs of growth. Yes, you still speak like a baby and make baby decisions, but one by one, all these baby things are going to change. This was a big one. It still is.

You don’t sit on your haunches at all anymore. At all. You sit with your legs straight, or crossed. It’s very interesting to me, maybe because I am still holding onto my baby girl.

I really wish I could switch off Mambo, for a little bit. I want to be able to just say ‘Oh great! She can sit with her legs crossed now.’, and just keep moving. But I can’t. I am looking at so many things in the future that you will show me. In my post about you going to school, I said I was taking my lead from you, I did not however say how hard that is for me. It is incredibly difficult to know that you do not need me in order for you to grow and change. People erhaps it is a sign to me that I need you, more.

I hope this makes sense you you one day.

I love you.

Adventures await!


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