23 Months- the second last update

22 Months…
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Dear family and friends,

As we draw near 2 years, I am overcome with emotion. I decided this month that I will no longer do monthly updates, once Mambo D is 2. Not because there is nothing to write, completely the opposite, I am struggling to keep up with all the changes. No, not because there is nothing to write, but because her milestones are not entirely attached to her being a new month and I am going to write freely about our adventures now.

You must understand that this is a very difficult decision to make- I have been doing monthly updates since M was one month and sending them out to people in links and WhatsApp’s since she was one month, I built a habit that I became incredibly proud of and a timer that all of you could follow- COME-WHAT-MAY, there would always be a post on the 20th of every month. I may need to find something else to do on that day, I can’t think just yet, but for now, please know that this is our penultimate Monthly update.

Dear Mambo D,

I always say I am amazed by you, and you know it is true, I hope that through our journey as mother and daughter I never cease to tell you- for any reason.

Your Nanny and I started counting how many words and sentences you now use daily, I stopped counting at 100 and I had only reached words that start with N at that point, so you should know, I think you are so smart. In other news, you have also been telling everyone that you are two when you are asked, even holding up your two little fingers! Emphasis is definitely not lost on you.

Nanny had a personal goal that you would count to 10 by the time you turn 2, you can now count to 12 by yourself- and you do it regularly.

You have been at preschool for 3 months now and are making so much progress! We get so many little things from school on a weekly basis- this week was obviously an egg basket with a beautiful yellow egg, painted and decorated by you. I certainly hope you stick to painting and drawing on eggs and paper, and not our poor tv like you did last week. You are definitely an artist of some sort. I can tell you the one thing I am waiting for, quite eagerly is your yearly pre-school picture. This year was the first and I think I need to just write a whole post on my feelings about that.

You still breastfeed actively, even though so many people tell you not to- I am happy you really do not care when people try to tell you that it’s dirty. You are your own person, and again, I must write about all that, but I have not. I kept saying I would wean you at 2 if you had not weaned yourself, but I am also struggling with whether it would traumatise you or not- and no, I am not taking any advice on it from anyone, I believe that this is a decision you and I have to make. Like I said, I will write about it.

This last month we went to Zimbabwe again, on a trip to be a family while we laid your great grandpa Aaron to rest. You once again handled yourself with so much love and happiness that I do not regret taking you home to be with your family. You finally met Aunty Chenai in person, not to mention so many members of your family that neither you nor I had met. I admire how you kept a smile on your dad’s face at a time where I am not sure he even knew how he felt. You will hear all the stories of dad and Sekuru Aaron in New York- some of them are so hilarious they will make your eyes water. We had an amazing family time there while we were all together and I have enough pictures and videos to show you- remind me to show you the one where your mom had to carry water on her head.

A week before this, our village of Chimanimani was struck by a flood. I am still a little too emotional to talk about it, but when I find the words, I will write a post for you and you can read it. I am not sure how to feel- I wanted to take you there this year to show you everywhere we used to go, but it is all so different now. We have started playing our part as a family though, and one day you will see the fruits of that labor- if we do a good job, and we will!

Here’s to the last month of being one Amaya. You amaze me.

Love always,



  1. Harriet Mudekunye says:

    Beautiful reflection.
    May the Lord continue to shower Amari.dad and mum with blessings.

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