22 Months…

All these TEETH!
23 Months- the second last update

Sweet Jesus.


I am not breathing… because 2 is literally around the corner. My heart.

Guys, here is the thing, this post will not make sense because I am rambling but also I have my grandmother on my mind… a lot. I need to just breathe.

Dear Amari,

I am writing this in advance as we plan JET- I will write about this separately- you are sleeping comfortably at Nanny Colleen’s house, your Aunty Michelle got a little blanky for you and now you can sleep as long as you want. We have been sitting all afternoon- me, you, nanny Lynette, nanny Colleen, nanny Bongai, Aunty Joy and Aunty Michelle. We are planning something very special, but we will speak about that another time. I am so happy that you are here with me, all almost- two- year- old you. I am praying that you have many more days like this, that will give you purpose in your life, that have given me real purpose in my life. It has been one of the most pleasant days I have had this year, truly. The women in your family are truly phenomenal. Absolutely, mind blowing.

Today, you also said ‘Michy‘- I am very happy! You have spoken about a thousand words now, so I am going to leave the word lists out for this update because honestly, I cannot keep up. What I will do is write posts about your notable words- like one or two coming up after this mini series!

This month you went up the cable car in Haartebeesport for the first time! That was fun. We went with Nanny and daddy and it really was quite a sight! I am so happy that you got to experience this, not because you necessarily understand what is happening, but more because you are there, and you are always present in these moments. You love to run around all the new places and see- you love to see. You move people out of the way so you can see. I will write about the adventure in a little more detail as the weeks go by- as usual. I mean I only have the backlog of all your Cape Town travels to deal with right now- no biggie.

Update: Nanny also treated our little family to a trip to Marupeng and Sterkfontein caves this past weekend, and my, to watch you navigate those caves was as scary as it was fascinating! I am so proud of you. You walked by yourself half the time, down steep steps and up more steps, looked around as amazed as we were to be in this amazing place. Hopefully all this activity will not put you off becoming the explorer I am trying to nurture- actively.

Today Mambo, your great grandmother Joy is 88 years old, and our most precious Muvaki is 6 months old!!!! The posts on them are coming soon.

I am loving this journey we are on!

Thank you to everyone who makes our family complete, we love you all dearly.


MamaMambo and BabaMambo

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