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22 Months…

This is a post that I started writing when I started blogging, and then never posted because I didn’t want to over-post. Here we are a whole year later and my! Things really have changed! Originally this post was meant to be entitled ‘Teeth, we have teeth!’ … But, now, we’ll- we have had teeth for a year! So. Anyway… Anyway.

When our tooth journey began, it was the bottom 2 teeth, and as soon as they showed, I began the waiting game for more. See, she got her first teeth at 6 months, which I thought was fantastic.

Then I waited…

…And waited

… And waited

Dear Mambo,

When I started writing this post, you were 9 months old, and finally. I could see 2 more teeth!!! I get very excited to see teeth because I see so much possibility of all the new food we will taste around the world together!

Ok, let’s chat about the con’s of teething for a second. Many moms talk about fever, clinginess, loss of appetite, moodiness. If you want more on that, you can head on over to medical blogs, or other mom blogs. I am here for the bright side. We must know to expect it as mommies and daddies and guardians. They are going to make us tired, we are going to get irritated, we are going to wish there was a better way, we are going to give them teething gel. We are going to wish the pain away.

I am sure if you are a parent, you can tell by now thatI have never been through all of the above. Lol! As life would have it, sometimes you get the long straw, and so there are going to be some of us who do not experience any of the con’s. This is the lesson I guess, babies are different. So long story short on that, Mambo, you have always sailed through teething with literally, just a whole ton of drool- no fevers or crankiness, nada, zip, zilch, zero. THANK GOD!

Now. Back to what I was saying earlier. I cannot wait for all the teeth. At the moment you have 8 at the top and 8 at the bottom, with the last 4 all sort of sticking out. What we have now is keeping me excited for now, but I can see the last four and it’s just so exciting!

I remember reacting to seeing our lovely Kella (daughter of friends, for those reading and do not know) after a while and literally after seeing her beautiful grin (which is how she used to say ‘Hello’; remarking ‘Kella! All those teeth girl!’. That was at least 6 months ago, and now here we are, 6 months later and I can say the same thing to my own little girl! I don’t think of it as an achievement, but I really do see growth, I see progress, from our gummy-wummies, to actual pearly whites! You are growing up so quickly, really.

If I had to pop a bottle of champagne for every new thing we see these days, mommy would have to think about joining Alcoholics Anonymous. Daily Mambo. That’s how often we see change.

I am going to write on our tooth brushing a little later, I have started the post, I jut don’t know when I will post it. I also see Mumu as my second chance to get the tooth brushing right, because in case you didn’t read about it, we only really wanted one baby. 🙂 Mambo D, you are more than enough for us! You will also see why when you read about the tooth brushing. I digress- as usual.

So. Basically what do teeth mean to me? Apart from knowing you are growing well and hitting all your milestones (sometimes ahead of schedule), it means that you are opening doors to food from everywhere. Your dad and I love to travel, we try to travel as often as possible, and now when we are trying new foods, you will be able to try everything! You have never been much of a meat eater, so I am not sure about eating meat, but you are now eating nuts because you actually can. Three months ago you had to chew nuts with your front teeth and spit them out because they were never fine enough to swallow. Now, you can chew through ‘nzungu nyoro’ from your uncles plot in Harare with ease. You can eat dry fruit with your granny and chew maize with Gogo with no problem. Wow. Growth!

To end this quickly, I REALLY LOVE seeing teeth on little people, I really love seeing all your teeth, I always have, and I think I always will, and when I am done waiting for the 4 to all come out fully, I will start waiting for the Toothfairy too!!! Oh bless! This life is bliss!

I welcome all your teeth and tooth journeys!

Love you,


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