21 Months!

I get very excited when it is time for the monthly update because no matter what, I know there is something to report. Good Lord! Where do I even begin? If you are a parent and you follow the blog, you will probably be able to relate to what I am about to report- it is just a LOT! To our family and framily, thank you for keeping the pace, keeping the prayers, keeping the support and keeping on with us- where would we be without the village?

Dear Mambo,

Wow. Just wow. You are making two and three word sentences and we cannot even keep up with how many words you know now, not to mention how to identify! Isn’t it weird how one month makes such a huge gap, so much change.

So. You can be heard often talking to different people on the phone, conversations usually go as follows:’Hi!.. babble… Head… Babble… Toes… Aunty Daisy… Bye!’ Yeah- you like to call aunty Daisy, a lot. We tried Aunty Janine this week and that ended sort of as Aunty Dadeed, which she is happy with, so win win!

This last week you brought a part of your puzzle to Nanny and correctly identified it as the letter ‘B’. You can count firmly up to 5. You ABSOLUTELY LOVE to play Ring-a-Roses, and I think your most successful circle contained you Nanny, Daddy, Uncle Rodney, Mommy and yourself. We lasted about 4 rounds before you gave us a break. You must know that the usual spell goes on for about 10 rounds. You must also know that none of us actually mention the name of the game around you anymore because we don’t want to be dizzy. I don’t even get how it’s a thing! But. It’s a thing. I sincerely hope, like I hope with Baby Shark, that I will stop hearing that song- SOON.

You are literally absorbing every word, every song, every saying, every mannerism around you as it comes. In the funniest of these absorbings, you can be heard calling ‘Jesu!‘ when something happens- thanks to the one night where we took you to the airport two weeks ago to pick up uncle Rodney- the plan was for you to sleep in the car, we could have known better, but we were tired… Anyway. Now we have ‘Jesu!‘ instead.

You have developed a keen interest in your mom’s heels and insist on wearing them around the house- only because you are not allowed out in them. You also love wearing Nanny’s shoes, but the heels are the strongest contender right now. I am always so afraid you will twist your ankle, on that tiny little foot of yours. I live in fear Mambo. Fear.

This month we were treated to the second of our family photo shoots by our favourite Uncle Rodney. The first one happened on a ship over a year ago and we were with Dodo then. This time we were with Nanny! It could have gone better, but you are crazy, so it went the way it went. Your grandmother saved the day with some bubbles, which probably saved some of our pictures too! 😂😂 You had the cutest meltdown when you saw your mom and dad get up close for some pictures. For some reason we are not even allowed to touch in your presence. You pretty much lose your marbles and turn into a banshee toddler. It’s so bizzare, and in truth, quite funny. Thought your Nanny became my mom and told me to stop laughing at her granddaughter, because you seemed distraught. I confess- I still laughed. I mean, I would rather you cry because you are growing up in a loving home where your parents can still be in love with one another, even if you don’t care for it- one day it will makes sense. I am still laughing.

You are not talking at school for some reason, I keep wondering if it is because you really are still assessing the situation. Apparently you barely say a word, they just have to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘If you’re happy’ about a thousand times a day because of you. You reaaaaaaally love those songs. Add ‘The wheels on the bus’, ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’, ‘Baa baa black sheep’ and ‘Baby Shark’ and it’s a whole entire mood. You sing along quite well I think, I cannot wait until we get all the words.

You almost have all your teeth now and that is exciting all on its own- for me anyway….

I am going to try and get through my backlog of updates for you over the next two weeks- there are about 3000 words waiting for you to get through!

What is also exciting about today is that our Mumu is 5 whole months! Man! I am so in awe of this little guy- everyday. As you may have guessed, all the pictures you will see of his babyhood are because I have nagged and nagged for pictures almost everyday. I love to see pictures of that dude!

I love you with all I am,


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