20 months!

Blowing Bubbles
Tuku, Legend

Oh wow. My countdown timer is raging at the moment because we are so much closer to 2 than I am prepared for! Dear everyone, our baby is 20 months old!

Dear family,

This month has been full of change, really, I have so many draft posts, I can barely keep up with it all. I literally have to type titles so that I can remember everything! Though I am very happy about this, as a mom, I have felt quite taken aback by it all, as I realize that Mambo will not in fact learn everything from me and her dad, and is also a very fast learner. She started pre-school 9 days ago, and even just in that short time, she is coming back with so many changes. I must admit, she is still a little shy at the pre-school, but she is coming out of her shell slowly, and at least has stopped crying when we drop her off there. We have tried as much as possible to pick her up and drop her off together and make her feel secure there. On her first day, she was bumped up a class, can parents be more proud? In case you missed it, you can still read the post here. 🙂

At the moment, she is talking more gibberish than we have ever heard, she is also picking up more words. As of last week she says ‘No’ as she waves her little finger in our faces- I must ask her teachers about this, I would prefer they teach her to say the word and shake her head, I cannot be held responsible for what I might do if I keep seeing that finger in my face, I would rather experience teen years, in the teen years! Haha!

We have spent a lot of time with Mambo teaching her words, and though she does not repeat, she most definitely knows what they mean. At 20 months I can ask her to please get me the remote, and I get it. You can ask her to put on her shoes or go and ask gogo/ daddy/ uncle to do certain things and she will find her person and communicate effectively. She has been doing this for almost 2 months now, and the more she does, the more we muse.

Mambo knows how to touch her tummy, back, nose, ears, eyes, chin, teeth, mouth, face, head, hair, arms, hands, legs and feet. She can now hold up one finger for ‘1’ and two fingers for ‘2’. She says no, yea, cheers (thanks to a night with Layla), Layla, mommy (yes, I am no longer ‘mama’), daddy, baba, cheese, ball, bath, purple, rub- a- dub- dub, pool, wee-wee, pooh, duck, touch, bubbles, blow (I have a whole post on that here), baby, mm mm mm, wow, yaaaaay, doo-doo (which usually means music or baby shark), door, one, two, seven, nine, ten, bye, hi, hello, me, you, shoes, yayi (‘zai’ which means ‘egg’ in Shona), ouwee to signify something sore… I will update more as I think of them. 🙂

Update: dirty, nana, tea.

This month, Mambo has started to feed herself with a spoon. She has been on this path for a while, learning and practicing, and now, she is able to feed herself cornflakes, rice and pasta, potatoes. More with her hands, but definitely now, with a spoon. The messes are getting less elaborate and we still allow her to try as much as possible!

Mambo has started sitting with her legs crossed, as opposed to on her shins, which made me cry a little, she looked so grown up! She has also actively begun potty training, we have had a few hits and misses, but that’s all part of the journey! This year, we intend to take her to more places, and do much more to keep her learning and growing.

Mambo has finally been to Cape Town and Masvingo, I will write more about those journeys within the next few weeks, for now however, you can read about her trip to the Aquarium in Cape Town. She is a super engaged child who seems to love doing new things as much as her mom does. Whew! I am overwhelmed at the thought of 2, but we are getting there, one way or another!

Our song of the month is definitely Huku by Sho Madjozi, I actually hope we meet her one day so she can see all the videos of Mambo dancing to her song! Mambo ABSOLUTELY LOVES to dance… Wonder where she got it from. At least Mommy can have a dance partner for life now! Mambo knows who she is now, if you ask her who Mambo is, she shouts ‘me!’, we are working on understanding ‘you’. One day at a time.

My darling Mambo,

Wow. What an incredible journey we are on. I pray that one day you feel how I feel when I think about you, it really is amazing. You have grown so much in just one month and it really is a wonder to see!

Thank you all for your guidance, love and support.

Shau and Tatenda

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