Blowing Bubbles

First day of school blues
20 months!

I may be hyper- emotional because Mambo started school last week, but to me, this is a major milestone! She has started blowing her own bubbles. On the one hand this signifies a little more independence in my opinion, and therefore a reason for me to celebrate. On the other hand, I still cry a little that she will not need us to do everything for her as she grows, I really love however, to see God in the little details. I celebrate every achievement in my daughters life. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Dear parent, join me in celebrating our kids. Dear young girl and boy, you must know that practice makes perfect, if you want to do something, keep practicing!

Hey Mambo,

I have videos trying to teach you to blow. One of the few words you can say is ‘blow’ and another is ‘bubbles’. You have been able to say ‘bubbles’ since you were about 14 months and ‘blow’ came this last December just before you turned 19 months old. I am very proud of you for being able to say these words. You have approached everyone in our household with a request (or a demand, really) that they blow you bubbles for months, and now, as of Tuesday the 15th of January, 2019, you can blow your own bubbles!

Your dad has spent so much time teaching you the word ‘blow’, for two reasons, to blow your nose and to blow bubbles. You understand fully what the term means, all that was holding us back was a matter of you being able to get passed your ‘weird blow’, to a ‘real blow’. The weird blow was as follows: bottom lip curled under your top row of teeth, and blowing wind through that gap, like an extended ‘f’. Now that you have figured out, that what you need to do is remove your bottom lip and make an ‘o’ shape with your lips, we are ready to set sail!

You began to blow your nose at about 16 months- one of your favorite pass times is to grab some toilet paper, “blow” your nose and throw it away in the toilet- never the waste basket, which has kept us amused for a while. You tend to like to rummage through the bathroom bin, which is a bit scary! So, because we are good parents, we never leave you alone in the bathroom. Another reason for not leaving you in the bathroom is obviously your penchant for toilet paper art… We will talk about this when I stop spending so much money on toilet paper.

The story of your first bubbles:

You had had a bit of a rough day at school, quite unhappy to be one of the last kids there. When your dad and I arrived to pick you up, you ran straight for dad (ouch!) and just wanted to get home. We got home soon after and you found one of your bottles of bubbles- that’s right, we have a few, in many corners of the house. Your dad and I both knew what was to follow, so I braced myself- dad was cooking. I blew a few bubbles before you decided you wanted to try. Mambo, I kid you not, it literally took you three tries and you blew your first bubble!

Being your mom, I of course jumped up to get my phone, because, well, that’s what us first- time moms do. I sat down patiently and waited. We lost about half the bottle from spillage as you were running around the lounge shrieking for some odd reason, but you soon settled down to attempt another blow. I caught the whole show. It lasted about 10 seconds before you waddled off to go and show your dad your mad skills. When you came back you simply spilled what was left of the bottle, looked onto the carpet, let your hands out to the side and followed with your usual ‘Aaah!’. And just like that you vanished, down the passage, to the bathroom. With me obviously ‘bolting’ behind you.

I am so very proud of you my baby. Here is to many, many adventures with our bubbles!




  1. I love Mambo! Well done! Such a clever girl.
    Mommy – you are allowed to be emotional. Stop apologizing for it!

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