19 Months

What a time.

Dear family, we keep growing and growing, where do we even begin?

Mambo turns 19 months today and we are at her grandparents farm in Norton. As I send this to you I am in a little Internet cafe in a ‘mkoto’ in a township in Norton called Katanga, where her Unlce Kudzi and I spent many an afternoon waiting for our parents to come from work after school. I wish I could say this is the simple life, the truth is Katanga has changed so much, as has Norton! Everyone is really just trying to make a dollar off someone else, and it makes me very sad. Anyway, onto the real news of the day! Happy 19 months to our Queen.

Mambo will not step on the sand at the farm or in Norton town, so we have had to carry her around outside. Every time we try to put her down we are told ‘Dirty’, and that is the end of that. Hopefully our Cape Town trip will be better because, well… there is so much sand there!

Mambo has spent a week getting to know her cousin Muvaki. I don’t know if there is a baby alive who had been kissed more times than this little boy. During her time on the farm she has followed in her Mudekunye footsteps and landed up at the Norton market, selling butternut and tomatoes from the farm and making friends! And also eating carrots and bananas.. and MAPUTI AND FREEZITS! She is a true Zimbabwean this little girl, no matter how many nationalities are all tied up in her.

On the event of her turning 19 months and Muvaki turning 3 months, and it being Christmas soon, the babies get their very first goats! One day, they will have hundreds even though their parents have none.

We are firmly in terrible two territory by the looks of our tantrums and reactions from frustration- send help!

Mambo still breastfeeds, despite her mom being told by many to stop. We will see how long we keep going for, for now, we are going strong! Mambo is also a big tea drinker, so when we come and visit please keep some handy. She has learnt to say ‘Mazai’ too, so we can add that to her vocabulary list!

While in Zim, Mambo attended her very first lobola/ roora ceremony. Her grandpa Joe was marrying Gogo Jessicah- although, Gogo really does not LOOK like a Gogo at all! Congratulations father and new mom, we wish you all the happiness in the world.

Mambo and her mom and maiguru were taken on an impromptu trip to her uncle Tan and Aunty Taf’s house where she met her cousin Sam! What a real treat! It took a while for her to warm up to him, but when she did, it really was a good time. I really hope we get to come back soon, Sam is a hugger and a kisser and there really is no greater love than the pure love of a child. Sam’s parents are doing a great job of raising the most loving little human I have ever met- yes, more affectionate than Mambo. I know right?!

This month Mambo made a trip to Bulawayo for Uncle Sam’s wedding to her new aunt Emma. Though our trip was a bit crazy, she had a great time on the dance floor and was a real trooper the entire road trip there and back.

We look forward to having more and more to tell you as time goes by. As always, thank you for the love and support.


MamaMambo and BabaMambo

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