Amaris Village: Dear Gogo, let’s dance!

Dear Mambo,

Today is gogo Marge is 61! Though you cannot say ‘happy birthday’, you can feel it because we are so excited. That is the first thing that strikes me about your Gogo. Gogo Marge is the celebrator of celebrators, and there will always be a picture of what she is celebrating, you can count on that. If there is a singular person who has more pictures of you than we do, it is her, she has celebrated you since she found out you were coming to us! One thing you will always do with Gogo is celebrate.

You and Gogo at King Shaka Airport, Durban, after your first trip together- on a plane and a ship! You were 6 months old.

Gogo Marge is the second daughter of Moses and Jessica, who had 5 children together, your grandmother was the 4th. Her sister Margaret is the first born and lives in Nigeria where we really hope to take you soon.  Sekuru Petros flew all the way over from Scotland to see you when you were born and he is the second born, you will not meet Sekuru Charles and Sekuru Moses on earth, but they form part of your angel base and I am sure they know you.

Your Gogo Marge is a master traveler, and again, if you are going to see the world, best believe she will probably be responsible for showing you half of it, while your dad and I grab the other half. We want to show you the world, and you should know that she is waiting with baited breath to show you everything she can- as she says, while she still has the energy.

You and Gogo on a ship somewhere between South Africa and Mozambique.

None is stronger than your grandmother Mambo, you will hear from her how she raised your dad, a single mom, a career woman with a thirst for knowledge and adventure. She has told me everything she can with such humor and with no hard feelings. She is a real inspiration Mambo. Your dad turned out an incredible man because your grandmother was so determined to do her best, while not letting go of her own dreams and life path. I don’t know how she did it, I am here to learn from her and take notes.

You were in hospital in June, Mambo. Your grandmother lasted all of two days before she could not handle the pain anymore, got on a plan and came to her grand baby. I still tear up when I think about all she has done for us as a family because she really embodies love. She came and made sure you were taken care of and fed you back to health. She made sure you gained all the weight you lost and by the time she left, she herself was sick, but had such a full heart because she was able to make sure you were taken care of. I will never forget that, long as I live, because I know that as a little girl, you have all of the support you could wish for in your grandmother, and as a daughter, I have won a mother lottery because not only do I have my own mom, I have your dad’s too.

Daddy even shares his mommy with me! You hear that Mambo, sharing.

Today is completely about your grandmother who is the epitome of a strong black woman. You will never be short of laughs, you will never be short of adventures, you will never be short of wisdom and real talk.

You will dance until your feet have no dance in them- and Gogo has plenty of Sungura hours in her.

Mama, thank you so much for all your love, thank you for who you are and how you have guided and supported us and never looked back. Thank you for being the Gogo Marge we can love with all our hearts and respect without asking questions, thank you for always being there the minute we need you- no matter what.

Today we celebrate the absolute gift and blessing of you.

Love always,

MamaMambo and BabaMambo

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