18 Months! One and a half years old!

Muvaki is here: Part 3- Letter to my Beloved Nephew
Mommy, I am because you are

Oh my goodness! Where did the time go?!

I feel it was just yesterday when we sang happy birthday to you after the most traumatic time of my life, and since then, your dad and I have grown so much as parents and you my darling Mambo have made such great strides as a little person!

I really do not know where to begin with this post, I am typing in the dark, while you breathe the deep breaths of sleep on my arm and I am still wondering- WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?

Summertime is fully with us now and Mambo has had some great weekends. We are gearing up for wedding season at the Mambo- and- her- parents- household and it is going to be very busy indeed! Mambo has already startled exploring the city this summer with trips with family and friends to 44 Stanley and Urbanology, we would love to take her to more if the pocket and the energy allow! She had brunch at Nice on 4th also went to a pantomime for the first time with her Gogo’s Marge and Colleen and cousin Layla!

Definitely one of the highlights for me as a mom was to be able to take Amari to watch Tuku for the first time ever at a Hugh Masekela tribute show. The whole show was great, but in earnest, my Zimbabwean heart beats strong and though we were there for Bra Hugh, we were there for Tuku. Mommy and Mambo even got a mention in Tuku’s Insta stories- how about that?! I would really like to take this opportunity to thank Emperors Palace for not being so strict on their shows, so Amari can have every experience we can expose her to.

Mambo has started saying ‘Touch’ now, probably our most complex word to date. She really loves the word and touches everything! Especially her tummy- tum- tum!

The little queen had a great week this month when both her grannies were around at the same time and they all got to do some fun things together. We love to see her with her two namesakes. She sang, she ate, she clapped, went on adventures, ran, hugged, kissed, played… man. What more is there for a little girl? Really…

We have been so blessed to have all these experiences with this beautiful bundle of happiness- there really are no words to describe it at all!

The 20th of November is such an important day for us as a family because not only does our little Muvaki turn 2 months, Gogo vaMambo naMuvaki turns 62. Happy birthday to Granny Lynette who has all our hearts and our love.

Thank you to all of you for keeping our journey happy and full of memories,

MamaMambo and BabaMambo

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