Muvaki is here: Part 3- Letter to my Beloved Nephew

17 Months!
18 Months! One and a half years old!

Dear Muvaki,

I have made my huge announcement. I am beside myself. In earnest. You are one month old!

Being an aunt is such an amazing feeling but just as I wrote to Mambo about how my I found my faith in her-  my faith was completely tested the day you were born, while we waited for the announcement that you had been delivered.

My darling Mumu, we prayed for you, we loved you before you were even born. We prayed and waited and prayed and waited. I don’t know when you will read this, but you must know you are such a loved boy/ young man!

It was September 20, 2018 at about 9am when your mom told me that she last felt you move the day before. I instantly relived my own experience with Mambo D and was glad when your mom told me she was going to the hospital. What began was a day of intense prayer. I needed all the help I could get. I kept tabs on your mom and very annoyed father through the whole day to make sure that we knew what was happening. Oh yeah, annoyed with me because I am that sister, I kept asking how far they were. How far are you? Where are you now? Where is the doctor? What did the nurses say?

I had prayed so hard for you, your mom and your dad. I must admit, I was very angry at your father, as I did not think he was doing anything quickly enough, and after your birth, I was told he was doing the most he could do. So I had to eat humble pie when my brother informed me that half of the information I am about to give you is incorrect. So, anyway, here is my version of events- how I saw that day- and why you have your name.

I was home by 7 pm after a grueling day of meetings and thereafter picking up my friend from the mall, and all I could do was light a candle, get on my knees and pray. Get up and pace. Pray. Have a candid talk with God. Pray.

Here is what had happened in the meantime.

10:30 – Your parents had been told that you were too big for natural birth and that you would have to be delivered via c- section. They would need to wait for the doctor to refer them.  They were transferred to Harare. Only. Your dad wasn’t there. He was delivering potato seed to the farm. Wow. I was completely in ‘don’t- panic’ mode.

Your Gogo was with your mom as she held on and waited patiently to go into labor. Thank goodness I was working and had no time to hound your dad. I wish I did. Lol! By now your dad will probably have told you that I push really hard and has probably advised you to ignore me unless you are in real trouble. He might be right, I do not know what coping mechanisms he has used in our lives. Haha! Finally he came and you all went to Harare.

17:00 – your parents had still not seen the doctor at Mbuya Nehanda but were waiting.
18:00 – your parents were still at the hospital and one of the nurses had said they could not hear a heartbeat.
19:00 – another nurse said she could hear a faint heartbeat and you would be prepped to go into theater with your mommy.
21:30 – Your dad told us that you and your mom were being taken into theater and that was the last we heard from them. The doctor had finally arrived and I was so livid at the state of health care in Zimbabwe!

Your grandmother and I prayed and kept each other up half the night. I could barely pay attention to your cousin, because I did not even have it in me. I needed to be sure that I was spiritually in line so that I could give all my energy to you and your mother.

I want to thank MaiFugi at this point,for being there with your gogo and your dad. She is with us through thick and thin and a very strong woman who I hope you get to know very well. Daddy and gogo went to sleep at MaiFugi’s while they waited to hear when they could come back.

Your dad could not be there to see you be born because you were born at a time of cholera in Zimbabwe and hospitals were on high alert. I was livid to hear he left the hospital- but was told that he came back and was told again that he could not see you and your mom yet, so he went back to sleep in the car. I love my brother so much, and I apologize for being so angry at him that day. He was really going through a lot and I didn’t think he was taking it seriously, but he really was.

Mumu. When I heard my phone vibrate at 01:59, I didn’t even hesitate. I wanted to know what was happening and had not allowed myself to think one negative thought- you can ask your gogo Lynette.

” Zvaita Tete, azvarwa mwana mukomana’

I dropped my phone and cried in bed. I was holding your cousin on my chest because I was so tired and low on my own strength, your uncle Tatenda put his hand on my chest and congratulated us. I am crying now as I write this. My tears have not stopped.

There is a lot more I could tell of this story. I really hope I can remember to animate it when I tell you in person one day.

I prayed so long and hard for you- from the minute I found out about you until the day you were born. By the time I found out you were born, I had been lying in meditation for a while, I was told to be still, and so I was. Gogo Lynette and I had spoken about being still and so we were. That is why my love, I named you Izwirashe. I treasure you. You are part and one of us and there is no turning back. We love and we support and we grow as a family- that is all there is to it.

Welcome to your village Muvaki Pfumojena Izwirashe Mudekunye, born just after 10pm on September 20, 2018. Museamwa! You are welcome. You are loved. You are needed. You are wanted. You are enough. You are royal. You are a leader in whatever right you choose. You are strong. You are gentle. You are caring. You are a blessing and are blessed. You are successful. You are powerful. You speak and it is done.

Ziendanetyaka, mutunhu unemago, vanovangira vashura vhu, kutsivira mutumbi, chidavarume, vanovhimwa navanonyanga, vasakamonera vakadzi dzenhema, vanomonera vakadzi dzamangondi!

Welcome Mhofu. We love you.

Love always,

Tete VaMuvaki


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