15 months

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16 Months

Mambo D is 15 months old, and boy do we have so much to try and remember for this update!

Whew where to start? We are walking more these days, not quiiiite there, but definitely taking more steps. She will get there soon I am sure. She loves to walk fast when she has a finger to hold on to and swaps her hands around our fingers depending on what direction she wants to take.

Toddler shoes

Little shoes go a long way!

Mambo has learnt to frown, which she obviously gets from her dad because her mom only ever smiles. 😂 It is the cutest thing to witness because she frowns for a few seconds and then laughs immediately my after because it is more of a game than anything else.


Mambo frowns for the camera. Right before a laugh.

Amari can point to where she would like to go and still communicates very clearly in that regard, this weekend while we were away she firmly told us she wanted to see the dog, by pointing in the direction of the dog and saying ‘woof’. We have therefore firmly established that our latest word is ‘Woof’ and it means dog. We are so excited- language is definitely a new territory for us.


Where is Amari? Here.

Mambo D took her maiden voyage to Zambia this past weekend with both of her parents. Mom has never been to Zambia (I know. I am embarrassing) and dad has been more times than he can remember. Our business was… wait for it… yes, you guessed right, a wedding. I feel we have firmly established ourselves as wedding people- mommy personally loves weddings!

Mambo in Zambia

Mambo D arrives in Zambia in style.

As said, Amari attended a wedding in Zambia! Congratulations once again to Uncle Japi and Aunt Muka. Uncle Japi and babaMambo have been friends for over 15 years, and we are are so blessed to have been able to witness the wedding. As always, Amari was incredibly respectful through out the church service, and showed her best self at the reception. It was the third wedding she has attended with one of her grandmothers which is always a happy affair.

Zambian Wedding

MamaMambo, BabaMambo and Mambo at Japi and Muka’s wedding, Lusaka Zambia, 18 August, 2018.

This brings the number of weddings our 15 month old has been to, to 5 and also the number of countries she has been to to 5! I don’t think we are doing too badly at all. She has been a very easy baby to travel with this far, even when it is just her and her mom, and we hope it continues that way. In the last month she also celebrated her dad’s birthday, where she had a great time crawling around with all the guests and making new friends!

Amari on RwandAir 1

Amari moves around on the plan on her way back from Zambia.

We had been looking at 6 teeth coming out at the same time in our last update and are happy to announce that one made its way through, we await the other 5!

Fist pump

As uncle Mike would say- ‘Big up uncle’. Mambo and her daddy in fist pump mode.

Amari learnt to fist- pump from her uncle Mike, and can now kiss everyone (babies mostly) which she has been doing for about 4 months, wave bye- also since she was about 8/9 months, high five which her granny taught her from the age of about 6 months and fist pump. Thank you Uncle Mike for this new greeting! She adores kissing babies. And loves to hi five- so if you ever see Amari in one of our trips, ask her to hi five, that’s the first step to making friends. 😊

Amari on RwandAir

Mambo and Dad figure something out on the plane.

Yesterday Amari had her first milkshake, which was a wonder to watch as she lifted her cup by herself and drank from her straw. Oh, right, she can drink from a cup by herself this month too! Yay!


Amari tries milkshake for the first time ever- a treat!

Let me see… I have forgotten a few things.

Right. Amari went to her very first drum circle when we paid Grandpa Kofi and Granny Colleen a visit. She ended up quite enjoying it. She had derere (ocra) for the first time with her aunt Kuziva! She also finally got to meet some of her family who came to visit from England and Zimbabwe when Aunty Chenai and the kids, Gogo Jestina and her dad’s cousin Wilma and her kids came to visit!


Mambo and her family who visited from Zimbabwe and England- what a treat!

Derere Ocra

Amari thoroughly enjoys her firs derere experience thanks to Aunty Kuziva!

Toddler at a drum circle

Amari at her very first drum circle with her Granny Colleen- MamaMambo’s aunt

I certainly hope I have not forgotten anyone or anything. It has been a crazy month! Clearly!

We have been so happy this month with all these developments, and are grateful to all who tirelessly and continuously contribute to Amari’s firsts!

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