14 months

Dear family, Amari Mambo is 14 months old today!

To say that we have a happy little girl is an understatement. She is very bubbly and very active. She moves at the speed of light and though she starts off quite shy, warms up to most people within minutes.

Mambo is very assertive and probably a little stubborn (like her whole family) and is communicating very clearly now, what she wants. She has started bringing objects over to people- her toys when she wants to play with someone, a phone when she recognizes who it belongs to, a blanket when she is cold. She is really considerate. She is still attempting to feed herself with forks and spoons and sometimes will not eat unless it is with a fork. She still loves her milk and water and tea. She seems to love granadilla and has also started getting her own breastmilk which is hilarious. Mambo still sleeps with her parents because she still feeds through the night.

Very recently, Marlyn started standing and over the last week she has gained confidence and does it as if she was born standing. Almost as recently, she also started walking and has taken up to 6 steps on her own so far- we look forward to seeing so many more! She eats more now, and frequently, thanks to last month when Gogo Marge came to spend time with her to make sure she was nursed back to health. She has loves balls! And thanks to her Gogo Lynette, that collection is growing! She has been known to make people run around with balls for as long as ten minutes each- and shriek when her partner is tired. Mommy has seen very many football boots online for little girls and as soon as possible, we may be signing up for club! I know, I know… She is only 1, but, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Mambo loves to see herself in the phone camera and knows very well where buttons are that make things happen. For now, she knows the home buttons on mommy and daddy and granny’s phones, she knows that the red phone will hang up, and she knows to expect a voice or a call on a phone when she hears the ring tone.

Amari has 6 teeth in total now, and we can see another 4 coming, thankfully, teeth have always been kind to us and we do not go through fevers and runny tummy’s.

Amari really is our pride and joy and we are so happy that we have gotten to share her with you all! Thank you for the prayers and well wishes and hugs and kisses! Thank you for your time and all the singing and dancing and clapping! Thank you for all the gifts and thoughtful messages when you think of us, it takes a village. ❤️

This month Amari will be celebrating her dad’s birthday in 5 days and her grandpa would have been 70 the day after tomorrow.

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