The first time you stood, properly.

I found my faith in you, Mambo
14 months

It has been months of seeing you stand here and there, and everyone has seen you standing while you hold onto the coffee table, a book case, the tv stand, making your way skillfully around the room.

Using the wall to stand, so we can smile at ourself in the mirror.

For me, however, the first time you stood Mambo D, will be the 13th of July, 2018 at age 13 months and 3 weeks. The reason for this is that you were able to lift yourself from crouching to standing without holding onto anything or being propped up by someone or something. You stood! And of course, mommy danced.

The night that Mambo stood up for the first time without any support.

It is quite difficult to describe the feeling of watching your child stand for the first time. My first instinct was to move everything away from the floor, in case you fell- because I did not want you to hurt yourself. I followed very quickly with another inner voice telling me that I should not doubt you, that you would be just fine. Followed in a split second by ‘Oh my goodness! She is standing!!!! Everybody! She is standing!’.

Mambo uses granny as support to stand.

I had honestly been waiting for this day for so long! Your granny and I had been trying to get you to stand alone the whole afternoon from when we were at her office. You humored us here and there, and I was hopeful that you would do it for longer than a few seconds so that I could get a video of you! As soon as the camera came out though, you were back on the floor, crawling somewhere or other. What a busy body!

Mambo loves standing in shopping carts.

When your dad came home with uncle Mike, you decided that your audience was complete and just after 8 pm, you did it. AND we got a video! All at once- as if you were waiting for daddy to get home! You stood for longer than 10 seconds, with a squat just to be sure! Mambo! I am so proud of you! We all of course got to sending messages- the video went very first to Gogo Marge, who called immediately and got a show of her own. You were not phased, almost as if you had been planning this all along, the rest of us however were doing World-Cup- winner- style celebrations.

Day four of standing!

You stand very easily now, and very often. And with so much conviction. And with so much other activity- you wave your hands, you dance, you hug, you drink your water. Good job!

These are just some of the moments that will make me proud of you for all our journey together. I cannot wait to write about them all.




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