13 Months!

Oh wow. 12 months came and went, just like that. We are now into our toddler phase! Woo hoo!

Amari Mambo is doing the most in her activities, which leads her mom to think she will never gain weight! She has already this month had a stint in hospital for 3 nights thanks to a crazy flu that presented itself like swine flu! Needless to say, she is bouncing back and making up for lost time. Thank you to uncle Stein and uncle Mike for coming to check in on a baby while she was at her lowest. We love you dearly.

A discharged little girl leaves the hospital after her first stay for a flu.

Mambo D has taken a liking to dancing and clapping now, which is an absolute delight to watch. She still loves ‘sungura hour’ with her dad, but can now be seen dancing and clapping on her own. She absolutely loves climbing up and down the step ladders around the new house- and absolutely hates it when play time is over. She has also been seen climbing into her walking ring on her own to get to places with ease… But is still not walking! 🤔

Amari climbs into her walking ring… this happens often.

No new travels for Amari this month, that will come later. She has been up and down Johannesburg more times than we can count however when the family was moving house- that’s right, Mambo has her own room now! Yay! It is a work in progress, but all her things have a place now.

Mambo D has a full time helper as of this month, which means she will be spending more time at home now, exploring her surroundings.

Amari dances in her new play space- lot’s of space…

This month she has also spent a lot of time dancing, singing and playing with her grandmothers who have separately been here for her move and to make sure she recovers from her flu! Lucky girl!

Feeding time with Gogo, who is intent on making sure Mambo eats well again. ❤️

We look forward to so many months of writing, living, being and happiness!

Helping granny get her report in on time!

Thank you all for the birthday gifts even though we had to cancel her birthday party, mommy is working hard to put make sure that we still celebrate her first birthday!

We love you all,

MamaMambo and BabaMambo.

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