Death in a time of mothering
13 Months!

It is Father’s Day, and what does that mean?

Mambo and BabaMambo on a usual sunny day.

It means today I am grateful for how you have stood by my side through our journey raising our little one, how she flourishes because there are two of us and not one. I am in awe of your tender strength as not only her dad, but my partner through all that we have experienced together.

It means today I remember how much I respect you for being there through all the diaper changes and late nights and early mornings and trips to the emergency room because of fevers. Not because you are doing me a favor and expected a thank you, but because you know your part in this tripartite alliance. And when we are all fully functioning parts, the result is a happy, loving home.

Sleepy heads.

Thank you for the days of rest and relaxation just because you understand that I need a break and some love. And even when we are both tired, we still know that she is our pride and joy and we will both rise up to any occasion to make her happy and comfortable first, before ourselves.

Thank you for the long hugs and countless kisses and as many ‘I love you’s’ as it takes to be my king and the father to our beautiful queen.

We treasure you and your constant presence in our lives because with you in it, we are happy.

Out and about like we usually do, me and my daddy. ❤️

We honor you today- like we do every day- for not just being a father, but for being a true dad in every sense of the word, by loving and supporting and playing your full part.

Happy Father’s Day BabaMambo, you are the best dad Mambo could have and we would not have it any other way.



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