8 Months!

10 Months!
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Dear family, today we are 8 months!

By now you may have seen videos of Amari Mambo crawling whether on all fours or on her tummy- either way, she is super active and knows her way around everywhere! Needless to say we are not alarmed that she is not gaining any weight with her active ways.

Not one to be constrained (wonder where she gets that from 🤔), Amari loves to move around, particularly on her feet, while she holds onto the couch, the tv stand, her teddy bear- anything really, as long as she can be on her feet. Of course this means her over achieving mother (read: partner) takes all these opportunities to practice walking with her. Her favorite places to crawl to are to the books and her toy box- all conveniently in the same area and equally fascinating to her. May she keep finding these fascinating until she is an adult. Her favorite books seem to be: Steve Biko- I write what I like and Tom Rath- Strengths finder, good spread. 👏

Nothing is safe around Amari as she loves to feel everything- including tea and coffee in mugs and has taken to eating out of her parents plates and drinking out of their cups. According to international guidelines of food preparation for infants, Amari has hit all the milestones of a 12 month old baby, so she has pretty much tried everything except sushi and carpaccio- we await anxiously. She prefers to feed herself and in addition to peanut butter on a spoon and sadza, she loves scrambled eggs and rice cakes. Nothing, however, beats good old milk!

We are still waking up about three times a night to feed, more if she is in the mood to cuddle.

We have been recovering from December travels, so no new places for Amari since the last update, but she will get there one at a time. 😊

This month, Amari started going to pre-school. She had no issues on her first day (until she got a fever), even though mommy had taken leave to be in the area- on standby. Amari did not even cry when she saw her mom leave.

Thank you all for making our journey as fabulous as it is, for checking in, for continuous gifts, advice and LOVE. Amari continues to grow well with new sounds every week, new faces that she pulls and new songs that she sings to herself until she falls asleep in her car seat. Quite a character. ❤️

All our love,

Shau and Tatenda

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