10 Months!

A letter to involved Daddy
8 Months!

What is Mambo up to at 10 months?

Dear family and friends, today marks 10 months for our beloved Amari Mambo.

Still mobile as ever- diaper changes are a complete, lovable NIGHTMARE! This month Amari has been teething and not feeling so well, but never losing her character at all. We can see teeth number 3 and 4 peeking out occasionally- but not yet out for us to see.

Little Mambo has seen her fair share of babysitters this month as her parents start going out a little and she has had to stay home with the flu- many thanks to her granny’s and her uncle Mike who have been phenomenal. ❤️

Amari also attended her second birthday party when Seth turned 1. She is quite the party girl. She also had a fantastic day out when she met little sister Nahla for the first time and had a great picnic with her and her aunt Tusha.

No new countries for us this month, or cities really, but we have so much time! This month Amari has been busy viewing homes with her parents and has seen her fair share! Hopefully, this will no longer be how she spends her weekends 😉

Today is also special to us as Mambos great grandmother, Joy, would have been 83 today. ❤️

Thank you to everyone who has checked in, come to visit, video called- we love you.

Shau and Tatenda

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