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A letter to involved Daddy

I gave birth to a lovely little girl in 2017. She is everything to us, and she has so much character! The one thing everyone notices instantly is that Mambo is a very happy baby. I cannot tell what the future holds, but I really hope this remains the same.

One thing I have actively done with Mambo since her birth is show her herself in the mirror. I have done this for various reasons, but most important is that she smiles at herself. It is not enough that she just recognize herself, it is more important to me that she smiles at herself.

I have lived on this earth for over 3 decades now and can tell you that not enough people remember or care to smile.

I am quite a bubbly person- if I do say so myself. I am very aware that that very same bubbly demeanor that I love in myself and other people is not appreciated by many humans who roam this earth along with us. People have a lot going on in their lives and it is very important to me that my daughter know, that if no one else in the world will smile at her, she can always look in the mirror and smile. In a world riddled with crazies who like to body shame and girls who suffer the insecurities of all the media, she never needs to be a bully or a victim, she can rely on herself to smile at herself

The result has been overwhelming for me, as a first time mother. At 10 months, my child not only smiles at herself, she waves and she laughs. With herself. Every time she passes a mirror. I know this is a thing that many babies do, but I am glad that my baby is one of them. I know many babies who sort of look at themselves and acknowledge their presence, but I can happily say that the first person my child waved ‘Hi’ to, was herself.

I am going to keep fostering this kind of behavior in my baby- who I hope, appreciates it one day. I would love for her to go into this weird and wonderful world knowing that she needn’t rely on anyone for her happiness but herself, and that if other people make her happy, it’s a bonus.

I am biased when I say that my daughter has a very cute smile, I am genuine when I say that every time my daughter smiles, all my struggles are completely worth it.

Mambo, my smiley face, I wish you the ability to smile through all your experiences in life, and never need to know the harshness of life without smiles.




  1. The most radiant smile!
    Thank you for teaching Mambo self-love from Day One. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›

    Mama OT

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