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Can we spare a moment for our fallen sisters? They, who have seen the best days since puberty and now, though still dignified, are now less than a shadow of their previous selves? Spare a thought for the boobs.

At puberty they met us, with all the vigor of youth. Perky, upright, fighting the good fight! They kept it up through all our nights out dancing, through all our jogging and running. They were at the frontlines of battle when we lost weight, allowing for themselves to be sacrificed like martyrs. They bounced back when we allowed ourselves to eat more- those two times. They got huge through our pregnancy and we never thought we would feel happier (or worse in some cases) to see them so full at the prospect of feeding our precious little ones.

Fast forward to today and we are left with saggy reminders of past glory. Like when we eat prunes, knowing they were once plums… Can we spare a moment for the boobs?

It was so easy for me to be happy to give up my body for my child and accept that my snap back would be more like a snail ride back, I am just still struggling with the boobs. A friend of mine asked innocently whether I would be having a boob job when I am done breast feeding. The truth is, I am not into cosmetic surgery, and I will probably also not wear a bra everyday because though I care, I do not think I care enough to do anything about it. I fell in love with my natural body before, and I still love her.

Thank you boobs for making the journey with me. You have done what you were meant to do, you got the liquid gold to our daughter and I am honored by your duty. I remain your holder, happy for you and what you have done.

My nipples will never be the same- because they never go back to what they were before breast feeding, and my boobs will never be as perky as they were before either. In all of this however, I am also no longer the person I was before I had to use these ladies for what they were always made for.

We have all realized our purpose and our body will never be the same.

I have no regrets!




  1. Fadz says:

    Aww it’s all worth it, A luta continua 😉

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