9 Months!

Dear everyone, today marks 9 months in Amari’s journey- what is there not to love!

She crawls with vigor and purpose- everywhere and anywhere with increasing speeds and confidence everyday. She has learnt that if she presses certain buttons, to expect a specific sound.

We still only have 2 teeth. Her parents have stopped mashing her food as she prefers to feed herself- WHAT A MESS! Our two new foods are tomatoes and noodles- what a treat! Although, we do not believe that sadza will ever be moved from the number 1 spot. Amari most recently has started saying ‘Daddy’- much to both parents delight, and they practice her one word with her often. Obviously the day she uttered her first word was mostly tears from her mom and huge grins from her daddy.

Since starting preschool in January, Amari has been sick twice, but continues to get up and go to school- which she seems to love!

This month Amari visited the Apartheid Museum for the first time, which will hopefully be the first museum run of many to come- around the world! After that she visited another granny in Soweto! She loved her visit with Gogo Fikile, and we will go more often.

Her granny Lynette has picked her up from school twice now, which basically means the school- run life has started for her village- no turning back now! She also spent a whole day at Just Detention International with her mommy Doreen while she was babysitting. 🤗😁

Thank you all for you support! At work, for understanding when we have to stay home with the baby. At school, for being so involved. The friends and family for baby sitting, feeding, watching, changing, rocking, laughing, flying, driving.


Shau and Tatenda

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